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National Industry Exhibition – 2023

Recognizing the significance of industrial advancement in Sri Lanka, the Ministry of Industries, in collaboration with the Industrial Development Board, organized “Industry 2023,” a prominent National Industry Exhibition.

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Sinhala Avurudu 2023

Sinhala Avurudu is a time of renewal and joy, where people express gratitude for the past year and welcome the new year with hope and enthusiasm. It is a vibrant celebration of Sri Lankan culture and traditions that bring communities together in a spirit of unity and togetherness.

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Pop-up Staff Eye Check

“Pop-up Staff Eye Check” is an innovative and convenient eye care service that brings professional eye examinations directly to workplaces or specific locations. With the aim of promoting employee well-being and maintaining healthy vision, this mobile eye clinic sets up temporary stations within organizations, allowing staff members to undergo comprehensive eye check-ups without having to […]

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Inco Exhibition

Canelro Colour Coatings presents an impressive display at the exhibition, featuring their cutting-edge technologies. With a focus on color coatings, our booth stands out with a vibrant and visually appealing presentation. The exhibit showcases an extensive range of coatings designed for various applications, including architectural, industrial, automotive, and more.

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