Canelro Colour Coatings Pvt. Ltd is a leading powder coating service provider in the Sri Lankan automotive manufacturing market. With a five-year track record, we specialise in providing protective coatings for a variety of surfaces, including metals, aluminium, stainless steel, copper, and heat-resistant materials. Our standardised powder coating process, encompassing material inspection, sandblasting, anti-corrosion pre- treatment, powder coating, and quality control, distinguishes us in the market. We are in the process of obtaining ISO-9001 and ISO-14001 certifications.

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Canelro Colour Coatings Pvt. Ltd was established in the year 2016 join with mother company (Lanka Electroplaters &
Engineers) and started its operations in Sri Lanka by introducing the latest technology for electroplating and powder coating services. The combination of technology, raw materials and specially the knowledge base are the pillars of our success. Our team is our strength, every individual plays a vital role throughout the whole process.

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What is Powder Coating?

Powder coating is one of the most common and most popular types of paint application processes…

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Sustainability refers to the ability to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. In the context of powder coating, sustainability can be achieved by reducing the environmental impact of the coating process and ensuring that the finished product is long-lasting and durable.

steps to ensure the coating


The operation of powder coating involves several steps to ensure that the coating is applied evenly and effectively to the surface of the material being coated. The following is a general description of the powder coating operation:

This process involves inspecting the materials received from suppliers to ensure they meet the required specifications and quality standards. It may include checking for any physical defects, verifying color consistency, and assessing the overall condition of the materials.

Sandblasting is a surface preparation technique used to clean and roughen the substrate before the coating application. It involves propelling abrasive materials, such as sand or grit, at high speed onto the surface to remove any rust, dirt, or old coatings. Sandblasting helps create a clean and textured surface, providing better adhesion for the subsequent coating layers.

This process involves applying a pre-treatment solution or coating to the prepared surface after sandblasting. The purpose is to enhance the corrosion resistance of the substrate by creating a protective barrier. Common pre-treatment methods include phosphating, chromatin, or applying special chemical conversion coatings.

Powder coating is a dry finishing process where a powdered pigment or resin is electrostatically applied to a grounded object. The object is then heated, causing the powder to melt and form a durable, uniform, and attractive coating. This method offers excellent coverage, adhesion, and resistance to chipping, corrosion, and fading.

After the coating process, quality inspection and testing are conducted to ensure that the coated products meet the required standards. This involves visually inspecting the coatings for any surface defects, checking the thickness of the coating using measurement tools, and conducting various tests to assess factors like adhesion, hardness, flexibility, and corrosion resistance.

Once the coatings have passed the quality inspection, they are properly packaged for shipment or storage. Packaging may involve protective measures such as wrapping, padding, or using suitable containers to prevent damage during transportation. Proper labeling and documentation are also done to ensure the traceability and identification of the coated products.

Our Clients

Canelro Colour Coatings caters to a wide array of clients across industries, offering top-notch colour coating solutions. With a focus on quality and customization, we provide the perfect colour finish to enhance products and meet specific requirements.